HangARoo 2.052

HangAroo is an attractive and free hangman game suitable for all ages
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HangAroo is a hangman game with the classic gameplay: we have to uncover the hidden phrase before we run out of guesses. The game includes 8,000 words and phrases arranged into many categories that go from TV shows and music, to History and Literature.

HangAroo is very entertaining, and a really good pastime for adults and kids as well, since apart from being fun it can be a good chance for kids to learn new words and improve spelling. Learning plus having fun is a good combination.
The most interesting aspect of the game is that if we run out of words and phrases, we can easily create our own lists in text files following the conventions detailed in the help file. That way, HangAroo is a game with endless possibilities, as it is limited only to our imagination.

On the other hand, the game interface is really eye-catching, with many colors and amusing sound effects. The kangaroo is nicely animated; it will even react with amusing gestures and sounds to our guesses.

HangAroo is freeware, and occupies a very small portion of disk space, as it is only 2.99MB. The only shortcoming of this game is that it works in all Windows platforms except for Vista.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Entertaining and educational
  • Nice graphics and sounds
  • Freeware


  • Not compatible with Vista
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